Our Story

Our Story

Behind the Smoke

Lechon Manila is a Filipino cuisine restaurant dedicated to serving homesick Pinoys in the US. It is a refuge for every Filipino food cravings. The dishes are meant to remind them of home, take them back to their families and let them experience the Philippines in every bite.

Our Story

Lechon Manila

I feel compelled to express my admiration for how everyone in the Lechon Manila family has pulled together during these trying times. I have more faith and confidence than ever in all of our teams and the efforts we’re taking to emerge stronger than before from this crisis.

Restaurants are at the heart of every community, and they are always the first to respond in times of need. We are your voice, and we are right beside you.

Maynard P.

You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.​


Lechon Manila has served not just the Filipinos in the US but it also made Americans fall in love with the traditional dishes of the Philippines. With its wide variety of Filipino food, you will never get out of the restaurant with an empty stomach.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to giving the best service possible to our customers. From waiters to cooks who work with us, we will deliver the greatest service possible. A traditional Filipino cuisine with a rich and delectable flavors on the tongue that leaves the heart satisfied.

We will give you the finest from our restaurant so that you return home happy and satisfied as a result of your visit. 


Taste it at home

Continuing to serve you while protecting your health.
Enjoy Lechon Manila at the comfort of your home.